Adoption - Happiness is a brand new friend

Please do not shop, rather adopt. It really makes sense.

Adopting from WSPCA is a wonderful thing to do, both for you and for the pet that you have chosen. Throughout the year we have an amazing assortment of cats, dogs, puppies and kittens. With love, care and gentle discipline, each one of these pets will flourish and become life-long, loyal members of your family.

Home checks are done prior to adoption, to ensure that the pet will be safe in its new surroundings. All adoptees must be sterilised, either before adoption or, if they are too young, as soon they are old enough. The adoption fee includes the cost of the operation and initial vaccination. 

If you are looking for a pet, please pay us a visit - we may have the perfect new friend for you. The cost to adopt is R650 for a dog or puppy and R500 for a cat or kitten. This covers deworming, innoculation and sterilization.

If you live outside our area you are still able to adopt from us after a home check has been done by a local animal welfare and provided the animal is old enough to be sterilised before adoption. Puppies and kittens are only adoptable locally so that they can be easily returned to us for that all important operation.

Check out some of the "availables" on our facebook page but nothing compares with a personal visit.